Archittect Guide

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Archittect's official integrations with 3rd party tools

VSCode Extension

VSCode is one of the most widely used text editors by developers worldwide. Among the features that set it apart is its extensive library of extensions hosted within the editor, making it a tool that provides developers with a wide range of functionalities.

By integrating Archittect as an extension within VSCode, we aim to be an alternative that allows you to code faster and more efficiently.

Using our tool as a VSCode extension provides additional functionalities not found on our website, including:

  • Generating scaffolds and snippets from the files you have created in VSCode, which can later be transformed into dynamic templates, with the options: Create scaffold from files or Create Snippet from files.
  • Inserting dynamic templates into the folders or code files you have created in VSCode, using the options: Insert scaffold or Insert Snippet.

We will keep adding new functionalities to our VSCode extension, so you can take advantage of all the benefits of using Archittect directly from your text editor.