Archittect Guide

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Choose the right Archittect environment for your needs

Archittect is a tool that was created to give users the option to use it in the way they need and in the environment they prefer, including: on our website, in the VSCode extension, through a CLI, or via an API.

VSCode Extension

You might typically use VSCode as the editor for creating your projects; in that case, you'll have all files and our extension in one place, so using Archittect in this environment will be your best option.

The Web

It's the same tool you'll find in VSCode, but you won't have some functionalities offered by the extension.


In case VSCode is not the text editor you frequently use, and you prefer another alternative, we plan to release our tool in the CLI, where, instead of managing a graphical interface, you can give instructions to the system to create your dynamic boilerplate using our tool.


There might also be a scenario where you want to use Archittect to create a new tool. For this purpose, we plan to create an API that facilitates the integration of the services or functionalities you want to provide.