Archittect Guide

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Learn how to identify boilerplate in your code files

"Boilerplate" refers to a code snippet that is used repeatedly in the same or different projects. Archittect is an excellent option for you to identify, save, and create them as dynamic templates tailored to your needs. You can use these templates whenever you need to insert them into your projects.

To identify your boilerplate, follow these recommendations:

  • Remember which code snippet you write frequently.
  • Look for patterns in your current files.
  • Find ways to write your code where you can create abstractions that can become dynamic boilerplate templates.
  • Follow examples of boilerplate that you may not have considered:

HTML pages

HTML page boilerplate

CSS snippets

CSS button snippet

DB Query snippets

DB query snippet

Backend Service scaffolds

Backend service scaffold

UI Components templates

React component scaffold

The above examples are instances that could be abstracted into different templates.