Archittect Guide

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Explore the terminology used in Archittect's documentation

Learn Archittect's terminology

  • Boilerplate code: It is a term used to refer to code that is repeated in various places throughout your project, or even across different projects.

  • Scaffolds: More complex code templates that can contain multiple files and folders.

  • Nodes: An element within a structure; in the case of Archittect, it refers to files or folders within a scaffold.

  • Snippets: From a single line to several lines of code that form a code block.

  • Templates: Boilerplate stored in Archittect to be used in scaffolds or snippets.

  • Code Blocks: Snippets or file-type nodes that contain code. All blocks of code inside a file are counted as a single code block.

  • Variables: A reserved space where you will inject the desired value when generating code.

  • Transformers: Naming conventions used to format/transform the value of a variable.

  • Organizations: A section within our tool where you can view the people who have access to your project and where you will see all your templates.