Archittect Guide

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Learn how to generate dynamic code from your boilerplate

Archittect was created as a solution for developers not to waste time writing repetitive code over and over again. The essence of the tool lies in the ability to turn that identified boilerplate into dynamic code that you can customize according to the project you are creating, and this is achieved through variables.


In Archittect, you can use variables in different parts within your scaffolds and snippets. Here's how you can do it.

When creating your scaffolds, you can insert variables in some sections, one of them being in the name you place on your node.

Once you add content inside a file-type node, you can create variables. You just need to select the code snippet you want to turn into a variable, right-click on the option Transform ‘selection’ into a variable, and give a name to your variable or insert variables you have created before.

The process of creating variables in snippets is the same as in scaffolds. In the following example, the variable was created as 'ListName' so that you can customize the name of the list according to the project you are working on:

Each variable gives you the option to choose a naming convention or transformer. This way, we help you follow better programming practices, making your code cleaner and more understandable for other developers.

Archittect gives you the option to create as many variables as you want, depending on the customization you want in your project.

In the examples shown above, you can see how we create dynamic code using our tool.