Archittect Guide

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Learn how Archittect can improve your development workflow

Archittect is a tool created by developers for developers that allows you to save the boilerplate code you have identified and make it dynamic so you can use it in your projects, avoiding wasting time searching and adding your repetitive code over and over again.

This solution was conceived with a primary goal: to help the programmer build their projects in a simpler, more efficient, structured way, and customize them as they wish, according to their needs.

How do we do it?

Once you have identified your boilerplate, you have to upload it to our tool and create a template where you can add variables so that you can later customize and use them in your projects.

This way, you won't need to write that code over and over again; you just have to insert the template you created, and it will be added to your project.

What do other solutions offer, and what are their limitations?

Maybe you've experienced that every time you start a new project, you have to repeat the same lines of code, or perhaps you have code snippets that you can use in different projects and have to search for them and paste them every time you need them.

Perhaps you've already thought about having an agile way to solve this issue and looked for alternatives such as code starters or base template repositories that allow you to have the necessary code to start your project or use code from a previous project in the current one. However, these solutions have some limitations:

The base template repository allows you to have code created based on the programming practices of the company or person who created it, not with your programming practices. It will give you the code as it was created, and you will have to modify it manually every time you need to use it. If the code template in the repository is modified, all projects created after the modification will not have the latest changes made.

How do we solve these limitations with Archittect?

  • We allow you to create templates with your programming practices and use them whenever you want, every time you are generating a project.
  • We give you the option to create dynamic and personalized templates from your boilerplates, according to your current needs.
  • We allow you to share boilerplate code templates as a team.
  • If a template is updated or improved, those modifications will automatically replicate the next time you use it.

How to use Archittect?

  1. Create a file structure in the form of a tree, which you can visualize graphically through the user interface.
  1. Once you have your file structure, you can add code in the programming language of your choice.
  1. Create scaffolds with the functionalities you want each file to have. Once it's ready, generate it in a folder to have a project ready to start programming.
  1. Some code snippets may have a similar use, for example, the initial code of a React component or a Java class. For these cases, we created the concept of templates.

Some use cases of Archittect:

  • Snippets of your favorite frameworks
  • Automation of new endpoints
  • Starter templates
  • Configurations of your preferred libraries
  • Code snippets difficult to remember
  • Duplication of custom projects

Develop your projects more efficiently, personalized, and dynamic. Experience the power of our service using our tool.