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Build More, Boilerplate Less

Say goodbye to repetitive code and hello to innovation with Archittect.

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Focus on Your Vision,
Not Your Boilerplate Code

With Archittect, you can focus on your vision instead of getting bogged down by boilerplate code. Our tool generates your code templates automatically, freeing up your time to bring your ideas to life.

Boost your team performance

Improve your team's productivity and efficiency by leveraging dynamic templates for your projects.

Developer-controlled code

Archittect uses the code you write without modifying it, ensuring that your unique style and preferences are preserved.

Any programming language

Archittect supports any programming language you use, making it flexible for your project needs.

Rich integrations ecosystem

Archittect integrates with other tools in your development workflow to provide a seamless experience.


Collaborate with team sharing

Collaborate with your team to create templates, then share them with everyone in your organization.


Analytics and logs tracking

Get insights into your project's performance with Archittect's analytics and logs, helping you make data-driven decisions.


Template versioning

Collaborate with your team on a shared workspace, making it easier to work together on projects.



Archittect leverages artificial intelligence to optimize code generation, making the process even faster and more accurate.



Build Faster, Better and Smarter

You can create and customize boilerplate templates that can be reused in your future projects. This feature saves you time and effort by eliminating repetitive tasks and allowing you to focus on the unique features of your project.

By using your pre-built templates, you can streamline your development process and ensure consistency throughout your codebase.



Unlock Your Productivity Potential

With Scaffolds, you can save a lot of time and effort by not having to create the same project structure from scratch each time, and you can also collaborate with your team more easily by sharing entire projects instead of just pieces of code.

Scaffolds are fully customizable on each generation, so you can make changes to the project as needed and keep it up-to-date for future use.

VSCode extension

VSCode extension

A powerful tool that works natively within vscode

Use Architect directly from VSCode. Generate Snippets or Scaffolds with a single click. Or create new snippets and scaffolds from the code in your editor.


Seamlessly Integrated with your Favorite Tools

Archittect effortlessly integrates with popular development tools like VSCode, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your development process.


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